American Heart Association Study on Protandim

Ohio State U. Research on Portandim’s Effectiveness

A NEW Protandim study has been published in the academic journal, Free Radical Biology and Medicine. The corporate office of the makers of Protandim just released this news in their newsletter dated Jan 7, 2011.

The American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health are the sponsors of this study on Protandim. Check out this link is to a news release on the research.  click here.

The research was done at The Ohio State University. To read the study abstract, click here.

“This study, as well as other recent studies, have shown that Protandim provides benefits to the body that extend beyond its ability to decrease oxidative stress,” said David Brown, LifeVantage CEO. “We greatly appreciate the continuing academic interest in Protandim shown by researchers and also continue to be encouraged at the tool Protandim has become for researchers of many health conditions associated with oxidative stress.”

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